Eric Brust: DCA’s Man Behind The Web



Early last spring, Drum Corps Associates unveiled its new web site that made it more modern, eye catching, and easier to use by the readers. The designer of the new web site was Eric Brust, a talented and gifted designer with a vast history of drum corps and color guard experience under his belt so his choice as the designer of the web site was a perfect fit.

Eric’s mother, who was a big drum corps fan, would bring him to the drum corps shows held in Connecticut each year which gave his first insight into the activity. Eric graduated from Trumbull, Ct. High School and was the first male member of the color guard. From 1995 and 1996 he marched in the color guard of the Hawthorne Caballeros and then again from 2004 through 2007. In the winter months Eric marched with Shadow Danse from Morristown, N.J. as many of his friends in that group were members of the Caballeros and that is how he became involved in DCA. Eric also spent time with the Blessed Sacrament Winter Guard and Saint Anne’s indoor color guards. Eric also spent the 2002 season marching with the Connecticut Hurricanes color guard.

From 2008 through the present day, he is the color guard instructor for the University of Connecticut Marching Band as well as the indoor color guard which competes in the Musical Arts Conference in the Independent A Class. His Caballero connection came to play once again as members of the university’s percussion and color guard staff were members of the Caballeros.

Eric works for an ad agency in Boston as his skills at web designing were a learn as you go process.The design program is a photo shop program with design images that fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Eric stated that it is much easier to design programs for work rather than DCA as it is a little more time consuming and tricky at times to make the pieces fit. In 2007 Eric met up with George Ianconne and got into a discussion on web designing. Shortly after that discussion he was contacted by DCA President Gil Silva and was asked to design a new web site for DCA that would make it more modern and up to date. What you see now on the DCA web site is the new and finished product.

When not busy designing or doing photo shoots, Eric loves boating, powerboats and kayaks while spending twelve years working for a boat magazine. He is also working with a local television station on a boating program that Eric will design the logo and photo shoots for in the Boston area. How many of us would hang out of helicopter and take snapshots? Well, Eric has done that in Florida even though he has a fear of heights! That is devotion to your profession at its finest! Eric doesn’t only deal with the web site, but also creates all designs for the mailings, e-blasts, the Championship logo and merchandising. DCA Secretary, Glen Johnson, has had a huge part to do with the web site along with the DCA PR director in keeping the web site updated. These three “partners” have made the DCA web site what it is today.

We are all well aware of the tragic events that happened at the end of the Boston Marathon in April. Eric, who lives in nearby Cambridge, was at that very scene ninety minutes before the explosions hit! He and his friend who he was with were very fortunate to have moved to another area before the tragedy took place. The lock down of the city and the nervousness that gripped the city until the capture of the suspect will always be a memorable moment in Eric’s life. The celebration of watching the community come together after this tragedy is something he will always remember.

Eric Brust is a very talented and gifted individual who loves life, his profession, and mostly the drum corps activity. Looking at Eric, one would never guess that he is thirty-eight years old but looks around twenty-five. The future looks very bright for him and Drum Corps Associates is proud to have him on board!

Respectfully Submitted,

Bill Flaker DCA PR Team