What is weekend drum corps?

Drum Corps Associates’ is weekend only; meaning all competitions take place on the weekend, either Friday evening, Saturday, or Sunday. Unlike touring corps, DCA member corps generally rehearse, travel, and compete only on the weekends throughout the season typically competing at 7-12 shows each summer. To accomplish this, corps design shows to balance their available rehearsal schedules, level of membership and ability with an emphasis on DCA scoring, which places entertainment value at a high value.

This weekend only focus allows for corps to charge lower membership fees, accept a wide range of membership in age and skill, while allowing corps to draw membership from their regions. This also enables working families, and adults to participate in drum corps in a less time intensive manner, either as a way to keep performing and socializing, or to build skills on the way to joining a touring corps, or college.

The weekend only format is what make Drum Corps Associates, the perfect summer drum corps experience for everyone. For DCI/WGI age-outs or recent graduates, you’ll find corps that are fun, friendly, and easy to fit into a traditional 9-5 schedule. For families, you’ll find an activity that allows parents, and youth to perform together or support and volunteer easily. For developing students, you’ll find an activity that helps you build confidence, develop skills, gain experience, all at a low cost, and time commitment. Find your corps at https://drumcorpsassociates.org/corps

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