2022 DCA Open Class Show Announcements

The 2022 season is off to a great start, as corps take the field, and the race is on for the title. DCA Open Class is a full-field competitive division with corps typically between 65 and 85 members.

Follow your favorite corps, and make plans to attend World Championships in Rochester, or purchase a livestream subscription to bring DCA right to your home!

Atlanta CV

Atlanta CV

Pending Release

Cincinnati Tradition

Connecticut Hurricanes

The Connecticut Hurricanes 2022 production is titled Journey Home.  Journey Home depicts that experience of growing up in a familiar setting, leaving home on an adventure, and eventually returning home to realize all that has changed.

Journey Home will interrogate the emotional realities of growing older, demonstrated through the various stages of life.

Rogues Hollow Regiment

Doorways are one of the world’s oldest functional art forms. While seemingly mundane, walking through a doorway provides a physical and emotional sense of experiencing a change. There is intrigue and wonder, both forbidding and inviting, of what is on the other side. These feelings are present in not only physical doorways, but the perceptive ones found within one’s mind. 

The 2022 Rogues Hollow Regiment pulls the audience through these doors of perception with En-Trance. Musically, it is a snapshot of the post-modernist artist attitude following the 1960s in the United States. Utilizing recognizable and entertaining music with visual spectacle, this equivocal production aims to entrance and captivate the attention of all who bear witness. 

Musical Selections include: 

Peace Frog:  The Doors, Jim Morrison 

Rooster: Alice in Chains, Jerry Cantrell 

White Rabbit: Jefferson Airplane, Grace Slick