2015 Administrative Changes


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DCA Administrative Changes

Along with the competitive rules changes there were administrative changes, of significance was the end of the appointed position of Class A Coordinator. With the changes in the competitive rules over the last 4 years, both Class A and Open Class compete on equal footing. Class A corps have been considered full members and have been eligible to become voting members of DCA for some time. The executive committee felt there was no longer a need for a separate coordinator for Class A. The voting members voted 10-0 to remove this appointed position from the administrative rules.

Also, changed was the separate positions for I&E Chairman and Alumni Spectacular Chairman. These positions have been combined as one, I&E and Alumni spectacular Chairman.

Continuing as appointed staff are Dick Eschenmann, Business Manager and Championship Chairman; Amber Roeker , DCA Central Coordinator; Vic Kulinski, DCA South Coordinator; Mike Symonds returns as DCA’s Media Director; and Linda Flaker will continue to handle merchandising. Eric Brust will continue his contribution as Art Director.

In new positions this year are Dick Fischette, who will take on the additional task of the Alumni Spectacular as well as his I&E coordination duties. Lois Tierno, will take on the position of Publicity Coordinator. The position of Marketing Coordinator remains unfilled and the Executive committee continues to search for a qualified candidate. All will serve one year terms. The executive committee would like to thank Carrie Nelson, Steve Stoddard, and Paul Chaffee for their service during the 2014 season and wishes them well in their new endeavors.

Email addresses for the new appointees are Dick Fischette –; Lois Tierno –

The executive officers are looking forward to working with both the returning and newly appointed staff for a competitive and successful 2015 season.