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Sunrisers New Corps Director

The Sunrisers recently named Pat Patterson as their new Corps Director for the 2019 season. Pat has been a highly successful band director in the Long Island area and brings a wealth of knowledge with him as a music educator.

Although Pat has had no drum corps experience but has run six successful high school band programs, in New York. Pat most recently served as Director of Bands at Roslyn High School for thirteen years , winning the New York State Championship Governor’s Cup for Division SS3 in 2015. During his tenure his marching bands have performed at the Orange Bowl, Peach Bowl, Citrus Bowl, Disney World, and many other National level events. He has been instrumental in developing several high-profile bands at the high school and collegiate level, including SUNY Fredonia, Hampton Bays High School, Pulaski High School, Mineola High School, and Farmingdale High School. Pat is also currently the Director of Athletic Bands at LIU. He feels that it will be not much different in moving from high school and college units to the world class drum corps level. You have limited rehearsals, are bound to a budget, have to do fundraising, and need to get parents involved.

Pat believes that goal setting and excitement are the keys to building any program. He stated ” Our goal is to be the best, period. I think it is something we have lost, goal setting and being afraid to set an incredibly high bar. We will always be proud, and not be upset or have sour grapes over judges decisions. Our activity is competitive, with subjective judging. We shoot to win but at the same time will not let judges define how we feel about our performance or show. We will be defined by excellence and reaching a higher level each and every year ! We will always strive to convince the judges, audience, alumni and drum corps fans that we are the best thing out there ! Look out, we are going to be the standard bearer for all drum corps. You will see some great growth of our program.”

His short term goals are to stay in finals and move up to a higher spot than tenth place. His Long term goal is to become the DCA Corps of the 20’s as the corps is going on track to build their program to win first place in the DCA Open Finals within five years. Recruiting is always a key part in making a drum corps successful and the Sunrisers have brought in a crew of great high school and middle school educators to help build their program to meet these goals.

In his spare time Pat likes to take cycle classes, go to the gym, bike outdoors, and spend time with his six children. He is not nervous at all in accepting his new position and is having fun in doing so. Best of luck to PAT Patterson and the Sunrisers in the upcoming 2019 DCA season.

Bill Flaker
DCA Staff Writer

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