Clifton, NJ

Corps In Appearance BushwackersConnecticut HurricanesFusion CoreHawthorne CaballerosReading BuccaneersRogues Hollow RegimentSkyliners

Virtual Competition July 13

Atlanta CVColumbus SaintsCincinnati TraditionGovenairesWhite Sabers Scores will be released for virtual competitions that were judged between July 10th-12th.

Landisville, PA

Corps In Appearance BuccaneersBushwackersHawthorne CaballerosSkylinersWhite SabersBuccaneers AlumniCaballeros AlumniRaiders (DCI)

Williamsport, PA | Live & Livestream

Corps In Appearance Columbus SaintsFusion CoreHawthorne CaballerosReading BuccaneersRogues Hollow RegimentSkylinersWhite Sabers

Kingston, NY

Corps In Appearance BushwackersConnecticut HurricanesFusion CoreHawthorne CaballerosSunrisersWhite Sabers

Mount Olive, NJ

Corps In Appearance Fusion CoreHawthorne CaballerosReading BuccaneersSunrisersWhite Sabers

Columbus, OH

Corps In Appearance Cincinnati TraditionColumbus SaintsRogues Hollow Regiment

Reading, PA

Corps In Appearance BushwackersReading BuccaneersSkylinersWhite Sabers

Seymour, CT

Corps In Appearance Connecticut HurricanesFusion CoreHawthorne Caballeros