2017 Mini Corps Information

2017 Participation Agreement (PDF)
2017 Mini Corps Application (PDF)
2017 Mini Corps Rules (PDF)
2017 Mini Corps Insurance Info (PDF)

General Rules and Philosophy

  1. Judges will be looking for the technical ability in each performance, although effectiveness will be considered.
  2. Rules will be used to assure fair competition, but they will be interpreted to allow artistic freedom.
  3. One point penalty will be assessed for every rule infraction.
  4. Scheduling will be done allowing for the best possible evening entertainment with consideration given to competitors who are entered in multiple catagories.
  5. DCA Caption Chiefs (Judge) will decide any rules not specifically stated.
  6. In fairness to all Competitors, warm up will only be allowed in designated areas.
  7. All entry forms and fees must be received by the published registration date (found on application) in order to participate in the Mini Corps Competition.
  8. Only DCA approved brass/percussion instruments will be allowed in Mini Corps Competition. All other instruments will mean disqualification.  No pre-recorded music or effects are allowed.
  9. The Philosophy behind the Mini Corps Competition leans toward the musicality of each group. However the visual treatment used can be credited in the effect category as it lends to overall performance.

Mini Corps Specific Rules

  1. A Mini Corps Is defined as a minimum of 11 participants and a maximum of 25 participants.
  2. If a Drum Major is used, he/she is not considered one of the 25 particpants. He/she may not play an instrument unless the total number of participants remains at or less than 25.
  3. There will be one (1) point penalty assessed for each participant under 11 or exceeding 25.
  4. Any combination of DCA approved brass and percussion instruments are allowed. (DCA approved guard equipment is also allowed for visual effects)
  5. The Timing of performance is 5 minute minimum to a 10 minute maximum. A 1 minute warm up is allowed.
  6. There will be a one (1) point penalty for each minute under or over the time limit.
  7. The time starts with the first note and ends with the last note.
  8. Music Scores are not required for the judges.
  9. No pre-recorded music or effects are allowed.
  10. An A Flag (Honor Guard) may be used for the performance and those members will not be counted as part of the 25 members as described above.  If any of the members of the A Flag section picks up an instrument during the performance and the Mini Corps participants then exceeds the maximum of 25, appropriate penalties will be assessed.
  11. The order of performance is determined by reverse order from of finish from the previous year (1st place performs last, etc.). Mini Corps who did not perform last year will be slotted by postmark of the application, with the last application received going on 1st, second last application received will go on 2nd, etc.

Note: The contest area for the Mini Corps Competition will be on a stage measuring 56’ wide x 36’ deep x 4’ high.  Be aware that there is a curtain at the back of the stage touching right up to the back of the stage.

There is a ramp allowing for entrance onto the stage.