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” Meet The Ripley Family “

” Meet The Ripley Family “ Over the past several months we have been posting articles on families involved in a drum corps. Some families have over one hundred plus years. Some not as many. One similarity in all of these articles, is that they have been doing it as a...
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DCA Appoints New Treasurer

Drum Corps Associates is pleased to announce that John Carr has been appointed as the new Treasurer of DCA. Lou Tierno has accepted the position as Director of the Reading Buccaneers and John Carr has been voted in by the members to finish out Lou’s term. We thank Lou for...
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Govenaires Travel to China

” Govenaires Travel to China “ After competing in the DCA World Championships, the Govenaires accepted an invitation to participate in the 2016 Shanghai Tourism Festival. This once-in-a-lifetime trip started on Wednesday September 7, and featured various sight-seeing...
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