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2017 Finals Schedule

2017 DCA Finals Schedule
Sunday September 3, 2017
Capelli Sport Stadium
Rochester, NY

4:30PM  --  Gates open for fans
5:30PM  --  Welcome by Announcer
5:35PM  --  Recorded National Anthem

Due at Gate                Performance Time                 Performance Order
5:23PM                        5:40PM                                    A4.  Southern Knights
5:40PM                        5:57PM                                    A3.  Erie Thunderbirds
5:57PM                        6:14PM                                    A2.  Govenaires
6:14PM                        6:31PM                                    A1.  Cincinnati Tradition
6:31PM                        6:48PM                                    10.  Sunrisers
6:48PM                        7:05PM                                    9.  Bushwackers
7:05PM                        7:22PM                                    8.  Minnesota Brass
7:22PM                        7:39PM                                    7.  Fusion Core
7:39PM                        7:56PM                                    6.  Kidsgrove Scouts
7:56PM                        8:13PM                                    5.  White Sabers
8:13PM                        8:30PM                                    4.  Cadets 2
8:30PM                        8:47PM                                    3.  Caballeros
8:47PM                        9:04PM                                    2.  Atlanta CV
9:04PM                        9:22PM                                    1.  Buccaneers
                                    9:39PM                                    End of Finals Performances

Closing Activities:
9:39PM            End of finals competition performance
9:44PM            Exhibition performance by highest scoring non-finalist
10:00PM          Corps begin to organize for retreat
10:02PM          Exhibition of Mini Corps winner
10:20PM          End of Mini Corps performance
10:25PM          All introductions begin
10:30PM          Start of retreat

Finals 2017 Order
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